How to Install WordPress in HostGator with “QuickInstall” – Automated Installation

When it comes to installing WordPress, webhosts like HostGator offer an automated installation feature from their control panel. This feature allows us to install WordPress with a web based installer. We do not have to download the script of the software from the official website, upload it, create a database and set it up. It all happens automatically.

All you have to use is the automated installer provided by HostGator which is known as QuickInstall. Once you login to your cPanel, you will find the link to it under Software/Services as QuickInstall. Once you open it up, you can click on WordPress and follow the installation steps.

Link to QuickInstall in HostGator cPanel

You can also directly go to the WordPress installation of QuickInstall by clicking on the Install Now button found under WordPress Hosting on the left side of your cPanel.

WordPress Installer Link in Hostgator cPanel

Here are the detailed steps to install WordPress quickly in HostGator:

  • Open your HostGator cPanel usually accessible via
  • Access QuickInstall, as shown in the pictures above.
  • Click on WordPress under Blog Software if you aren’t already there.
    WordPress in QuickInstallSome information about the software will be shown. Do not worry, if it is not the latest version; it will update automatically after installation.
  • Click on Continue and Install WordPress options will be displayed.
    WordPress Installation DetailsHere are the options that you need to configure:

    • Application URL: Choose the domain, sub-domain or sub-directory for the installation.
    • Auto Upgrades: Make sure the Enable Auto Upgrades option is checked.
    • Admin Email: Enter your email address for administrative purposes.
    • Blog Title: A title for your blog.
    • Admin User: A username for you to login.
    • Set the First Name and Last Name.
      Note: The details except the admin user can be changed later, if necessary.
  • After setting up the details, click on Install Now.

The installation process will begin and it will transfer the files, create the database and set up everything for you. After 100% completion, you will get a congratulation or confirmation message.

Congratulations WordPress Installed Message

It will display the password and link for accessing the admin area. A plugin called WP-Super-Cache is automatically installed and activated as you can see in the screenshot.

The detail for your WordPress installation is also emailed to your Admin Email. This is necessary if you forget the admin password. You can also reset it using the same email address.

After these simple steps, your fresh new blog installation is available in the domain, directory or sub-domain that you chose. Customize it and make it your own. Happy blogging!