WordPress Posts vs Pages: 10 Differences

In WordPress, you will find that the amazing piece of online software comes with two basic ways to create content—Posts and Pages. Although, they might look and even function in a similar fashion to a lot of people, posts and pages in WordPress have their own set of differences. They should be used for a separate purpose because they were meant to host different type of content with texts, images, and other media. Continue reading “WordPress Posts vs Pages: 10 Differences”

Add Related Posts with Thumbnails to WordPress with nRelate

If you are looking to add a related post section to your WordPress blog, then you have noticed that there are a bunch of plugins to do so. “Which one is the best?”, “Which one displays the best related posts?” are some of the questions that you must have been wondering. One of the best one for displaying related posts with thumbnails is the WordPress plugin nRelate Related Content. Continue reading “Add Related Posts with Thumbnails to WordPress with nRelate”