WordPress Media Library Basics

Besides text, we have to add different media like graphics and audios to our blog posts. The WordPress Media library is an important tool that enables us to do so. You can simply upload media files from the admin area and insert it into posts and pages. The upload feature can be accessed from the post compose and edit page as well as the dedicated settings present in the administration dashboard. It is feature rich and you will also find that it is quite helpful when it comes to swiftly editing images. Continue reading “WordPress Media Library Basics”

How to Create Additional Sizes of Images Uploaded in WordPress?

After an image is uploaded to WordPress, we can set it to have new image dimensions (width x height) in addition to the three default sizes automatically generated by WordPress. The new image size should be registered using add_image_size to instruct WordPress to create it. Additional settings like cropping the image and setting the position of the crop can also be made. Continue reading “How to Create Additional Sizes of Images Uploaded in WordPress?”

How to Update Default Image Dimensions in WordPress

When an image file is uploaded to WordPress, various copies of the image is created and stored. Normally, three additional copies of an image will be stored with the original one. These copies are different in terms of dimension or image size (Width X Height pixels). The WordPress Media Manager, automatically re-sizes the images and stores it in the same location as the original one but with a different file name. Continue reading “How to Update Default Image Dimensions in WordPress”

How to Change WordPress Media Upload Directory?

WordPress media directory is the location of the folder on a web-host where media files like images are uploaded. By default, files are uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/ folder. The uploaded files are also organized into month and year based folders. That means when we upload an image.jpg in the month of May 2015, it is placed in the folder, /wp-content/uploads/2015/05/image.jpg. Continue reading “How to Change WordPress Media Upload Directory?”

How to Use WordPress Media Manager to Edit Images in-house

The tool that allows us to upload and insert images in WordPress can do a whole lot more than that. Besides allowing us to insert and edit captions, alternate text, descriptions and titles—it can do some basic image editing as well. It is not as powerful as an image editing software but we can easily crop, resize, rotate and flip images online. There aren’t a lot of options there but it is enough to perform simple edits in images that are already online. Continue reading “How to Use WordPress Media Manager to Edit Images in-house”