WordPress Media Library Basics

Besides text, we have to add different media like graphics and audios to our blog posts. The WordPress Media library is an important tool that enables us to do so. You can simply upload media files from the admin area and insert it into posts and pages. The upload feature can be accessed from the post compose and edit page as well as the dedicated settings present in the administration dashboard. It is feature rich and you will also find that it is quite helpful when it comes to swiftly editing images. Continue reading “WordPress Media Library Basics”

Automatically Generate WordPress Featured Image for Posts

While making a post in WordPress, you must have noticed that there is an option called “Featured Image”. It is present on the right side of your post compose box. From there, you can click “Set featured image” link to upload or select a featured image to you post. If your template supports it, then this featured image will be displayed alongside your post title. Continue reading “Automatically Generate WordPress Featured Image for Posts”

How to Serve Images from the Cloud in WordPress using Jetpack

A fast loading website means a better user experience. Pages that take a long time to load are not that fun for visitors. People might close the page if they find that it is taking a long time to load. When this happens, your bounce rate goes up. Faster page loading time is also an indicator in search engine rankings. That is why webmasters do a lot of optimizations to make sure that their pages are loading quickly.

Continue reading “How to Serve Images from the Cloud in WordPress using Jetpack”