Working with Tags in WordPress

Tags allow you to group your blog posts into certain categories and topics. Think of it as keywords for your topics which are seen by your guests and they can click on it to get more similar posts on the same subject. They are optional to use but if you do decide to use tags, you are able to group posts in an additional way other than categories. They can also be displayed as a cloud in widgets and on the sidebar so that users can find posts on the topic of their interest. Continue reading “Working with Tags in WordPress”

How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments

Disqus offers features that are far greater than just adding a comment box in your WordPress or other web content, blogs, blog posts or other articles. One such notable feature is showing related discussions right after your final comment. This feature displays as “Also on <your-site-name>”. Although it allows people to discover more related content, not everyone wants it there. But thankfully, it is easy to remove the discovery feature in Disqus from displaying under your comment box. Continue reading “How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments”

Which Jetpack Features/Modules to Enable and Disable in WordPress?

Currently, Jetpack has 36 total modules or features that come packed with it. Not everything is useful for everyone. But there are a number of common features that are applicable for most website setups. Some of us prefer to use other plugins but why load up a WordPress website with additional plugins and lines of code when you can do the same thing with something that comes pre-packed? It might even have an impact on the overall load speed of your website.

Continue reading “Which Jetpack Features/Modules to Enable and Disable in WordPress?”