How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments

Disqus offers features that are far greater than just adding a comment box in your WordPress or other web content, blogs, blog posts or other articles. One such notable feature is showing related discussions right after your final comment. This feature displays as “Also on <your-site-name>”. Although it allows people to discover more related content, not everyone wants it there. But thankfully, it is easy to remove the discovery feature in Disqus from displaying under your comment box. Continue reading “How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments”

Displaying Disqus Comment Count Manually for WordPress

When you install Disqus in WordPress, you can manually update your template’s code for counting comments. Normally, your WordPress template is configured to display comment count made in the default commenting system. If you uses the universal code for Disqus comments, you will also have to manually add comment counting code as well. Continue reading “Displaying Disqus Comment Count Manually for WordPress”