Comment Administration in WordPress

Comments are a great way to engage your visitors and also bring in additional traffic and page views. The little discussion box in the bottom of your post or page allows users to give a direct feedback to the content on the page. It gives them the platform to talk and help each other out if necessary. So, comments work out great especially for blog sites but they also attract spam. If not taken care of, the area can be filled with useless garbage filled with advertisements and links to malicious websites. Hence, as a web administrator, you have to focus properly on comment management and administration. Continue reading “Comment Administration in WordPress”

Displaying Disqus Comment Count Manually for WordPress

When you install Disqus in WordPress, you can manually update your template’s code for counting comments. Normally, your WordPress template is configured to display comment count made in the default commenting system. If you uses the universal code for Disqus comments, you will also have to manually add comment counting code as well. Continue reading “Displaying Disqus Comment Count Manually for WordPress”

How to Disable Automatic Linking in WordPress Comments

Comments are very important in a blog. By default, it is disabled in WordPress. But one of the first things that are done is enabling comments along with a comment spam fighting plugin like Akismet. Comments add the interactivity to a blog. Users will be able to give feedback or discuss directly below the articles. Users can also interact and help each other out with the help of comments. Continue reading “How to Disable Automatic Linking in WordPress Comments”

How to Offer Email Subscriptions in WordPress with Jetpack

Allowing email subscriptions to new posts and comments in a blog or website is a way to retain visitors. It enables you to make a previously interested website visitor come back for more. To be a subscriber, a person has to enter their email on your website and confirm the subscription via email. Based on the subscription management tool that is being used, subscribers are notified as you make new blog posts or if new comments are made to the discussion thread.

Continue reading “How to Offer Email Subscriptions in WordPress with Jetpack”