How to Create, Edit and Delete Categories in WordPress

We use categories to group similar posts so that it is easy to sort them. It allows your visitors to read blog posts that fall under a particular subject. It is quite helpful if you want your blog or website to be well-managed. WordPress allows creating and naming of categories as per your wish. You can assign a blog post any category(s). If you set it to be in your permalink, then it impacts the full link of your posts as well. Continue reading “How to Create, Edit and Delete Categories in WordPress”

How to Create and Edit Pages In WordPress?

WordPress pages are generally used to create regular content like the about us, terms and services, privacy policy etc pages. These are static pages that do not appear on the list of recent posts and they are also not included in the RSS feeds. They are generally linked from a certain region of the website and contain non-blog contents. One major difference you will notice between pages and posts is the fact that pages cannot have categories and tags. It is possible to have comments in pages as well but discussions don’t usually take place in them. Continue reading “How to Create and Edit Pages In WordPress?”

Accessing and Navigating Admin Dashboard in WordPress

The admin dashboard is the main area from where you can configure almost everything for your website. If you run a WordPress powered site then knowing your way around the admin dashboard is a must-have skill. You will need to access the WordPress admin area and make changes in there quite frequently. From there you can create content, upload media, change settings and themes, modify the appearance, install plugins and do everything site related. Continue reading “Accessing and Navigating Admin Dashboard in WordPress”

How to Enable/Disable WordPress Top Admin Bar?

If you are an administrator of a WordPress site then you might have noticed an admin toolbar on the top of every page of your website. The bar presents you with quick options and links to modify your website, posts or pages. On it, you will find links to access the WordPress official pages and your site’s admin dashboard, themes, widgets and menus along with the link to the customizer. Continue reading “How to Enable/Disable WordPress Top Admin Bar?”

How to Create and Edit Posts in WordPress?

After installing WordPress in your WebHost and doing a couple of basic things to set it up, you are ready to create content. One of the primary ways to create and share content for your visitors is with the help of posts. These are the articles that you see on every blog site. They can contain text, images, and links, can be grouped into categories and tags, and also can be discussed on with the help of the commenting feature. Continue reading “How to Create and Edit Posts in WordPress?”