Comment Administration in WordPress

Comments are a great way to engage your visitors and also bring in additional traffic and page views. The little discussion box in the bottom of your post or page allows users to give a direct feedback to the content on the page. It gives them the platform to talk and help each other out if necessary. So, comments work out great especially for blog sites but they also attract spam. If not taken care of, the area can be filled with useless garbage filled with advertisements and links to malicious websites. Hence, as a web administrator, you have to focus properly on comment management and administration. Continue reading “Comment Administration in WordPress”

Create and Manage Users in WordPress from the Admin Dasboard

WordPress makes use of user accounts to do several things like giving certain access and blocking specific content and settings. Usually, a regular guest can easily view the public posts, pages, and other public content but registered accounts are required if you want to publish posts and administer the website. For that, you need to create user accounts by registering them. It is easy to do so from the admin dashboard. Remember that your admin account is also registered with the website. Continue reading “Create and Manage Users in WordPress from the Admin Dasboard”

Accessing and Navigating Admin Dashboard in WordPress

The admin dashboard is the main area from where you can configure almost everything for your website. If you run a WordPress powered site then knowing your way around the admin dashboard is a must-have skill. You will need to access the WordPress admin area and make changes in there quite frequently. From there you can create content, upload media, change settings and themes, modify the appearance, install plugins and do everything site related. Continue reading “Accessing and Navigating Admin Dashboard in WordPress”

How to Enable/Disable WordPress Top Admin Bar?

If you are an administrator of a WordPress site then you might have noticed an admin toolbar on the top of every page of your website. The bar presents you with quick options and links to modify your website, posts or pages. On it, you will find links to access the WordPress official pages and your site’s admin dashboard, themes, widgets and menus along with the link to the customizer. Continue reading “How to Enable/Disable WordPress Top Admin Bar?”

How to Edit WordPress Theme Files From the Admin Dashboard

While making modifications to WordPress, we need to edit the theme files located inside the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Sometimes, we might have to manually add some lines of code to header.php or other files like footer.php or content.php. The purpose of the edit could be to add simple lines of code like adding a favicon link rel code to header.php or Google Analytics code to footer.php. Continue reading “How to Edit WordPress Theme Files From the Admin Dashboard”