How to Publish Scheduled Posts Immediately in WordPress

WordPress has a handy feature of allowing us to schedule posts. It enables us to queue up articles. We just set a certain date and time for the write-up to be published. WordPress will make it live on the site on the future date automatically. The feature is known to almost all WordPress publishers.

If you have not used it before then it is right there in the publish box. You will see a text that says Publish immediately. Click on the Edit link and you can input any future or past date or time. If you enter a future date, the Publish button will change to Schedule. If you press it, the content will be scheduled for the date that you just set. You can update the content and it will still be set for that time. The timestamp can be changed as well.

Sometimes, there is a need to publish such scheduled posts immediately. Once you schedule a post, the Publish button will say Schedule. There’s no button that allows us to publish immediately at the present moment. What we must do is change the date back to the current date and time or a past date/time. Then the button will change back to it’s orginal form. If you press it, the post will be accessible immediately.

Here are some additional details:

Scheduling Posts

To time a post for a future date, compose it as usual. Then:

  • In the Publish box, press the Edit button right next to the Publish immediately text.
    Edit the Time
  • Choose and fill up a future date and time. Hit OK.
    Changing Date and Time
  • The Publish button will change to say Schedule. Press it and you’re done.
    Schedule Button

You will be able to view the queued up content when you go to Posts > All posts in your WordPress administration dashboard. If you want a separate list, you can click on the Scheduled link right next to All and Published. It is present on the top of the posts list. Click on it and all the queued up ones will be listed separately. It will also show the date.

Publishing Immediately

To send out a post that had been previously scheduled, follow these steps:

  • Go to Posts > All Posts > Scheduled to list them.
    Accessing List
  • Edit the one that you would like to publish immediately.
  • Click on the Edit link that is right next to the text Scheduled for.
    The Edit Link
  • Choose a past date or your current date/time if you have set your WordPress blog to your time zone.
    Last Edited
    Otherwise, to find the current official time of the server/website click on Update and right under the post you will see a Last edited timestamp which can be entered in the input fields. It is the current time of your website.
  • Hit OK and the Schedule button will change back to Publish. Click on it to put out the post immediately.