Blogger to WordPress Import Error: Google no longer supports OAuth 1.0

To move a blog and all its contents from Blogger to WordPress, there is a simple tool/plugin that is used. Here is how the process usually goes:

In WordPress administration area, choose Tools > Import.

  1. Click on Blogger, “Install the Blogger importer to import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog.
  2. We will be prompted to install this official plugin: Blogger Importer.
  3. After installing, activating and running the plugin, we need to authorize it with our Google account.

But while authorizing with our Google account, we are redirected to a page which says:

Google no longer supports OAuth 1.0.

Since, this plugin has not been updated to work with new Google API, the import process cannot be completed. To fix this issue or to successfully import posts from Blogger/BlogSpot, we need to use another tool. The plugin is called Blogger Importer Extended. It has been developed by Yuri Farina and is available for download at the official plugins directory.

Here’s how you use Blogger Importer Extended to migrate your posts, comments, pictures, tags/labels, pages and links from Blogger/BlogSpot to WordPress:

Blogger Importer Extended

  • Install and activate the plugin: Blogger Importer Extended.
  • Navigate to the Installed Plugins management page in WordPress administration area.
  • Find Blogger Importer Extended in the list and click on the Start! link which is below the name.
    Note: The same tool is accessible from Tools > Import as well.
  • Authorize your WordPress website with Google OAuth 2.0. Make sure that it is the same Google account which you used to create a Blogger blog.
  • Once authorized, you will be redirected to page that lists all your Blogger blogs.
  • Click on the blog name and then hit the Start Import.
  • Posts, pages, comments, images and links will be imported instantly. You will get to see their progress in the next step.
  • After importing, you can assign a WordPress user to those posts. You can even create a new username.

After these simple steps, everything will be imported from your Blogger blog. This plugin even preserves the slugs for each and every individual post. Your next step will be to ensure that your blogger blog is deleted, or if you used a top-level domain back at blogger then you can redirect URLs to keep your search engine traffic.